Bruno Mars and Cardi B take you back to the ’90s with “Finesse (remix)” video

2018 has begun with an unexpected collaboration: Bruno Mars and rising rap star Cardi B for the remix of "Finesse". The 2016 track originally appeared on Bruno's critically acclaimed album "24K magic" and features production by The Stereotypes and Shampoo Press & Curl. Directed by Mars and Florent Dechard, the music video is a [...]

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Hear Bruno Mars’ slow jam “Versace on the floor”

With only two weeks left to release his new album "24k magic", Bruno Mars shared another new track. It's a seductive slow jam called "Versace on the floor". Listen to "Versace on the floor" During an interview, the singer admits he is nervous about new album. The incredible success of "Uptown funk" [...]

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Bruno Mars – 24k magic (new video)

Bruno Mars take us back to the 70's/80's with "24k magic", his new single. Written by Philip Lawrence, Brody Brown & Bruno Mars himself, the track is a disco funk song produced by Shampoo Press & Curl and hip hop/dance music production team The Stereotypes. The hedonistic music video, directed by Cameron Duddy (Fifth [...]

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Bruno Mars announces new single “24k magic”

Bruno Mars is ready to come back with a much-awaited single "24k magic". "Excited to announce 24k magic, out this Friday!!" Bruno said on Instagram. "You can call it my first single, but I call it the invitation to the party." "24K magic" will be the first taste of new material from the star [...]

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