Shane Filan releases “Beautiful in white” music video on his birthday

Westlife's Shane Filan celebrated his 39th birthday on Thursday (July 5) by sharing the music video for "Beautiful in white". The track is the third single taken from "Love always: Asia deluxe edition" and according to the singer, it's the birthday gift to his fans who have long asked for a video for the [...]

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Shane Filan arrives in Asia to promote his album “Love always”

Irish singer Shane Filan is promoting his romantic new album "Love always" everywhere! He's currently in Asia where the former Westlife member is playing some showcases. Also he stopped in various tv and radio shows to answer questions. "Love always" is Filan's third solo album, featuring personal favourite love ballads such as [...]

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Julie Anne San Jose – Not impressed (new video)

Asia pop star Julie Anne San Jose is set to release "Not impressed", an upbeat song that she recorded during her most recent trip to the United States.   Lyrics: You want attention (Hey!) Want my eyes on you Wanna be mention (Hey!) Standin' on my spotlight Fadin' for my love But I.. [...]

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