Listen to Shawn Mendes’ new song “Treat you better”

Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes has returned with a new catchy song called "Treat you better".  The track will be the first single off of his much-anticipated second studio album, which  is expected to be released in September. "Treat you better" is about loving someone from afar who already has a boyfriend — and according to Shawn, [...]

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All Saints’ new song “One woman man” (audio)

The newly-reformed girl group All Saints have unveiled a brand new track off the new album "Red flag", which is out on April 8. The track is called "One woman man" and is the follow-up to the well-received "One strike", which was out earlier this month. Meanwhile, the girls have admitted: "We split up [...]

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Ariana Grande’s new single “Dangerous woman” : listen

American popstar Ariana Grande dropped her new single "Dangerous woman". It's the second single (after "Focus") from her upcoming album of the same name, which will be released May 20. The track, produced by Johann Carlsson, sounds like The Weeknd. Today, Ariana will appear on Saturday Night Live as both host and musical guest [...]

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Justin Bieber’s new song “Oh girl” (audio)

A new Justin Bieber's song has just leaked on the Internet. The track is an R&B-influenced love song called "Oh girl". It's unclear if it is a "Purpose" album outtake or a new production. Lyrics: Take my hand and put it on your chest cause I need your, your love Yeah would you [...]

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Listen to Richard Ashcroft’s new single “This is how it feels” + tracklist new album

The ex-The Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft has returned with his first solo album in six years "These people". First single is the beatiful "This is how it feels". Recorded in London, "These people" is produced by Richard and longtime collaborator Chris Potter and it will be out on 20th May. Tracklist: 1. Out Of [...]

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Melanie C’s unreleased song “Full of fire”

While we wait for a new album, an old unreleased track from Melanie C's album "Reason" (2003) surfaced online. It was recorded by Sporty Spice in 2002. What do you think about it? Please let us know. Lyrics: Everytime I close my eyes I picture a place beautiful colours that light up your [...]

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Poet feat. Leona Lewis – Catch me when I fall (audio)

American record producer, remixer and deejay Poet drops a new track called "Catch me when I fall". This is a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Leona Lewis. "Catch me when I fall" is an electronic pop track with some touches of melodic rock and it will be contained in Poet's upcoming music project "A fall [...]

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Sia – One million bullets (audio)

Australian singer-songwriter Sia released a brand new single "One million bullets". The song is a soaring, production-heavy ballad. In "One million bullets" the singer reveals that she would take exactly that for the one she loves. The lyrics often repeat that she would take one million bullets and completely give up her life for [...]

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