Britney Spears unreleased song “All that she wants”

Though it leaked online in 2008, there was never much information about Britney Spears's cover of the Ace of Base classic "All That She Wants" — until now. Ace of Base front man Ulf Ekberg says the cover was recorded in 2007, but remained unreleased because it was a "difficult time" for Spears. Presumably, [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Stephanie – Blackout

Stephanie member of The Grace, a South Korean girl group, released her first solo single album "The new beginning" in 2012. Now she is back with her follow up promotional music video "Blackout". Rumour has it a new album is coming very soon. Lyrics: so cool, gadeuk chaewoseo hanjan deo hus jogeumdeo biteulgeorige [...]

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