Nu disco/funk band Franc Moody release new song “Night flight” – listen

Merge Daft Punk with Jamiroquai and you get Franc Moody, a North London group mainly comprised of Ned Franc and Jon Moody.Their sound is contemporary funk, awash with electronic inspiration, human touches, and throbbing grooves.Their debut EP, simply titled "EP", was released in 2016.Singles like "Dopamine" and "Super star struck" brought Franc Moody to the [...]

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Jamiroquai – Summer girl (new video)

Legendary funk band Jamiroquai have shared a new video for their track "Summer girl", which is once again directed by long-time collaborator Charlie Lightening (Kasabian, The Script, Feeder). The easy-breezy summertime jam, written by Jay Kay and Matthew Johnson, is lifted from the group's recent eight studio album "Automaton", released on 31 March. The [...]

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Bruno Mars – 24k magic (new video)

Bruno Mars take us back to the 70's/80's with "24k magic", his new single. Written by Philip Lawrence, Brody Brown & Bruno Mars himself, the track is a disco funk song produced by Shampoo Press & Curl and hip hop/dance music production team The Stereotypes. The hedonistic music video, directed by Cameron Duddy (Fifth [...]

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Prince has died

Music legend Prince has been found dead at his home in suburban Minneapolis. The cause of death remains under investigation. The 57-year-old Grammy-winning artist's death also came a week after his tour plane made an emergency landing in Illinois, where he was hospitalized with what was described as the flu. That illness followed him [...]

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Capyac – Speedracer (new video)

Capyac is a Texas-based dance band. They released a brand new song and a surreal video for the single "Speedracer". "Speedracer" is a nu-disco funk track with trong basslines, melodic guitar, and two beautiful voices in funk. Capyac explained the video's inspiration: "When we approached world famous director Ursula Barker to make a video [...]

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Aaron Pfeiffer – Don’t call this us (new video)

Aaron Pfeiffer is an electronic/soul/pop artist. After his debut "Nightcall" EP, he's back with a new song titled "Don’t call this us" a R&B-pop track that infuses elements of house, garage and funk. Pfeiffer moved from New York to Los Angeles early 2016 to continue working on more music which is expected to be [...]

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