Watch: Just Loud single “Soul train” in collaboration with Debbie Harry

Just Loud is a singer/songwriter hailing from Suffolk, Virginia. He entered the music scene with the release of his debut single "Electrified" few months ago. It gained much attention from industry heavyweights, which followed the release of "Episode I" EP. New single is "Soul train", a catchy funky song that sees a special collaboration [...]

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Listen to Donny Montell’s new single “Move your body”

Following the radio-friendly single “Screw me up”, Lithuanian popstar Donny Montell shared a brand new song called "Move your body". It's a catchy funk-pop tune which sounds like a perfect summer bop. It’s unsure if this is a standalone single, or if it will be a part of an EP or album in the [...]

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New single & album for Red Hot Chili Peppers

Los Angeles-based funk rock/alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers have released a brand new single "Dark necessities", a five-minute soulful funky track that features prominent Flea bass lines and Anthony Kiedis singing about how “everything must go away.” The track is the first single from their 11th studio album "The getaway," which is [...]

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En Vogue return with new single “Deja vu” (audio)

We’ve been waiting five long years for En Vogue to release new music – and now it’s finally here. American R&B/Pop vocal group En Vogue make their return to new music with the single “Deja vu”. The track, which is taken from their upcoming album "Electric cafè", is a homage to the sounds of [...]

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