Loic Nottet gets revenge in Halloween-themed short film “Candy”

It's Halloween night and, as promised, Loic Nottet released a special gift for his fans. The project called "Candy" has a short film inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel where the young Belgian artist is author, actor, choreographer, decorator and stylist. About the plot, Nottet said: "This is the story of a [...]

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Caro Emerald – The ghost of you (new video)

Caro Emerald finally gifted a music video for the single "The ghost of you" to her loyal fan base. The haunting ballad, written by David Schreurs and Vincent Degiorgio, is taken from "Emerald island" EP, released last March. It contains six tracks including two instrumental songs and was inspired by the exotica genre of music, [...]

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Loic Nottet goes creepy clown in “Doctor” music video

Eurovision star Loic Nottet gets into the Halloween spirit releasing the music video for his latest single "Doctor". The clip sees the young Belgian singer plays a crazy clown frightening children and adults with his baseball bat. "Doctor" is a new song that does not appear on Loic's debut album "Selfocracy", released last March. [...]

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Adam Lambert performs “Evil in the night” on X Factor Australia

It's Halloween week and yesterday X Factor Australia celebrated with a special electrifying Adam Lambert performance. He sang “Evil in the night” from his album "The original high", released on June 12, 2015. The disco-dance track, written by Sterling Fox, Shellback, Savan Kotecha, Ali Payami and Oscar Holten, has a sound that's reminiscent to [...]

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Muse cover The Cramps’ “New kind of kick” as Halloween gift (new video)

Halloween is almost here and Muse are ready to celebrate it with a cover of The Cramps track "New kind of kick". The track was originally written by Poison Ivy & Lux Interior and released in 1981 by American punk rock band that were active from 1976 to 2009. The clip, directed by Tom Kirk, [...]

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