Listen to “Bachelorette” by Ashe

Fresh off the release of her second EP "Moral of the story: chapter 1", American indie-pop singer and songwriter Ashe caught our attention with the single "Bachelorette".The powerful song, produced by Finneas & Doug Schadt, is a sublime piece of pop that showcases the artist' vocals skills. An intensive, magical voice.Finneas, the producer of the [...]

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Darren Criss shares new track “Foolish thing” from “Homework” EP

Following the release of new indie EP "Homework" last week, Darren Criss has shared the official audio for one of the record's tracks "Foolish thing". The song is the first track on the EP, which it's his first solo project in over seven years. About it, the 30-year-old singer-songwriter and former Glee star said: [...]

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Hana Brooks – Leave it (new video)

Hana Brooks is a British rising star. Her musical style combines indie e pop sounds. Debut single "Leave it" is a beautiful track produced by Nick Bennett (Zak Abel, London Grammar). ""Leave it” is about being with someone who doesn’t know what they want" explained the singer-songwriter. "The feeling of being played hot and [...]

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Eurovision Song Contest 2017 >>> Blanche – City lights (Belgium)

Blanche is the Belgian contestant for the Eurovision 2017. The 17-year-old singer and songwriter was first in the limelight when she competed on season five of The Voice Belgique. Her song "City lights" is an electro-indie track written by Ellie Delvaux & Pierre Dumoulin. It was produced by Tim Bran, known for his work [...]

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Sheppard – Keep me crazy (audio)

Sheppard return with a brand new single "Keep me crazy" - the first music to come from the Australian indie pop band since their last year hit "We belong". The fresh pop jam first heard in December 2016 to promote the new season of Australian comedy-drama show "800 words". It talks about "finding wild, [...]

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CAT – You belong to me (new video)

Catherine Pierce, named simply CAT, is an American singer-songwriter, best known as one half of the pop/rock/folk duo The Pierces. They are perhaps most noted nowadays for their song "Secret", which was used as the opening song for the hit television show Pretty Little Liars. Now the singer has just released her debut solo [...]

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Listen to Jennifer Paige’s new song “Let me love you”

It’s been a while since we heard new music from Jennifer Paige – she last revealed track "Is it ever enough?" last year. Now she has just released a new song called "Let me love you", which is included in the compilation "Nashville Indie Spotlight 2017". The collection features a diverse mix of established [...]

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Icona Pop – Brightside (new video)

Icona Pop became a global sensation following the release of their 2012 single "I love it" featuring Charli XCX. Now the duo return with their new single "Brightside". The track, written by the girls along with Joni Fatora, Frederic Kennett and Mr.Rogers, is a catchy song about friendship. In the karaoke-style video directed by [...]

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Emma Louise – Illuminate (new video)

Australian singer-songwriter Emma Louise goes ahead with the promotion of her second studio LP "Supercry", which was released on July 15. Fourth single is the beautiful "Illuminate". Directed by Dylan Duclos, who previously filmed singer’s “West end kids” video, the clip is a heavily choreographed effort featuring numerous dancers who flow with the music [...]

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Lilt – Wait no more (new video)

Lilt are an Australian electronic/indie/alternative group consisting of Louise Penman, Matt Mclean and Brett Walsh. Their debut EP "Swim", released in 2012, includes the single "Can't hear". "Wait no more" is the new single taken from their forthcoming second EP. It's available on iTunes. Recorded at The Grove Studios with Scott Horscroft (Empire Of The Sun, [...]

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