Sigala – Sweet lovin’ (new video)

Following his No.1 success together with his putting "Easy love" debut, Sigala has unveiled the official video for his follow-up "Sweet lovin’". The song is another joyful tropical house-flavoured anthem with harmonious piano, great vocals and highly addictive. Lyrics: Your sweet, sweet loving, won't you put it on me? Keep me coming cause [...]

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K-pop corner >>> Rania – Demonstrate

Rania is a South Korean girl group formed in 2010. After their first studio album, the group announced their comeback with a mini-album "Demonstrate". The video was released through 'Makestar', the crowd funding platform which the girls are using to raise funds for their American album. Lyrics: Top notch bunny Dripping hot hot [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer – Into my mind (My house chords mix) (new video)

Italian electro-pop artist Angelo Bavaro Producer shared a teaser clip of "Into my mind (my house chords mix). You can listen the entire song on Spotify.  

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Hurts – Wings (new video)

Fresh from releasing their third album, Hurts have unveiled their new video for ‘Wings’. Directed by Dawn Shadforth, who the band have previously worked with on clips for ‘Wonderful life’ and ‘Lights’, the band’s latest video offers up a hyper-stylised interpretation of their lives on the road. From drunken parties, to forlorn, exhausted glimpses, [...]

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Rennata – West side story (new video)

Rennata is a Macedonian singer. She's the first Balkan artist with worldwide radio air plays over 7000 radios around the world. New single is the brilliant dark-pop song "West side story". Lyrics: The way you walk when you talk People stop making plans cause you bring your thing real, yeah And when it [...]

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Rudimental feat. Ed Sheeran – Lay it all on me (new video)

English band Rudimental have released a video for "Lay it all on me" featuring Ed Sheeran. The track is taken from their sophomore album "We the generation", which came out in October. Introducing the video on their Facebook page, the band said:"This is the first time we've appeared in one of our own videos! [...]

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Escort – Helium (new video)

Escort are a disco collective from New York City, originally formed by Eugene Cho and Dan Balis, who met in an electronic music class at Vassar College and began making house tunes. They released their debut album "Escort" in 2011. Their new album is called "Animal nature" and the first single is "Helium". [...]

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Le Grind – Pillow talk (new video)

Le Grind are a pop/disco/electro London-based trio. Their new single is the catchy "Pillow talk". The song is about a girl who is far from impressed with her man. He gives her the lyrics to get her into bed and the next day, that love talk is gone. The video was shot at Bethnal [...]

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Sonic Boom Six – No man no right (new video)

Sonic Boom Six are a five-piece band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Their eclectic sound combines different elements of several genres as punk rock, ska, hip hop, pop and dubstep. "No man no right" is their new single. The song is a fun, gutsy feminist anthem with a strong message and upbeat backing. Lyrics: [...]

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Lina Mayer – Personal sky (new video)

Carolina Majerníková , also known as Lina Mayer is a Slovak singer. She partecipated on the first Czechoslovak "Superstar" show. Now she releases a new single called "Personal sky". Lyrics:Now is the time to explore the world To find out for what is worth Out every night, trying to find What's the best for meWe gonna make [...]

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