Nelly Furtado – Pipe dreams (new video)

Nelly Furtado finally gifted a music video for the single "Pipe dreams" to her loyal fan base. The track is a melancholy dreamy synth pop song produced by John Congleton. Filmed using a VHS camera, the clip finds the Canadian singer wandering around a run-down house and dancing in front of the mirrors. "Pipe [...]

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Nelly Furtado reveals new album cover + tracklist

After teasing us for several months, Nelly Furtado has finally unveiled her new album cover and the full tracklist. "The ride", which she describes as "modern pop-alternative", was recorded between Dallas, Texas and Toronto. Divine Brown, Rob Wells and Liz Rodrigues are said to have worked on the album. She’s also been working with [...]

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Nelly Furtado – Island of me (audio)

During New York Fashion Week, Canadian popstar Nelly Furtado debutes a brand new song called "Island of me". The song, an infectious, bouncy pop jam, is the first track confirmed to be taken from her upcoming album "The ride" which is set to drop in March 2017. Nelly described the album as “modern [...]

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Nelly Furtado’s new song is “Behind your back” (audio)

Canadian popstar Nelly Furtado returns with a new song "Behind your back". The soulful track is just a one-off single, merely an appetizer for her much-anticipated sixth studio album. “Surrounded by my 90’s heroes had me nostalgic. Behind Your Back is a special that won’t b on my LP. It’s a palette cleanse… an [...]

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Nelly Furtado reveals new album details

After a collaboration with Blood Orange for the song "Hadron collider", Canadian singer Nelly Furtado updated her official site on February 6th with new logo and a quote “DON’T BE AFRAID EVER THIS IS JUST RIDE", giving the promotion start of this new era. The new album, apparently called "What happens in Dallas", see [...]

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