Felin bring them dark vibes to new single “Gossip”

Swedish pop-punk rock duo Felin released last week a brand new song called "Gossip". The single is taken from their upcoming debut EP, which title and release date have not yet been revealed. About it, the singer Elin said: "It will be a lot of energy driven tracks in the style of ‘Bored’ and [...]

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Green Day – Still breathing (new video)

Green Day have just shared the music video for their third single "Still breathing". The emotional song appears on the American punk rock band's new album "Revolution radio". "It’s about losing something…where the chaos of life makes sense" said frontman Billie Joe about the track. "Life isn’t perfect, it’s better than that. I you [...]

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Sonic Boom Six – No man no right (new video)

Sonic Boom Six are a five-piece band from Manchester, United Kingdom. Their eclectic sound combines different elements of several genres as punk rock, ska, hip hop, pop and dubstep. "No man no right" is their new single. The song is a fun, gutsy feminist anthem with a strong message and upbeat backing. Lyrics: [...]

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