Alma – Wicked (new video)

Alma is a new Stockholm-based trip-hop artist. New single is "Wicked", a dramatic, retro-flavoured track. It combines elements of neo soul, jazz, trip hop and seasoned pop. The electronic presence and cinematic instrumentation is atmospheric instead of overpowering, which is great because Alma's sultry vocals, impish delivery and avenging lyrics are so ensnaring, so [...]

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Alicia Keys – Hallelujah (audio)

American R&B-soul artist Alicia Keys goes ahead with the promotion of her upcoming sixth studio album, which title and release date have not yet been revealed. New single is the soulful, gospel-influenced track "Hallelujah". More of a classic Keys song, but with rawer vocals than ever. “Hallelujah” was co-written by Alicia Keys along with [...]

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Liss – Miles apart (new video)

Liss are a new Danish electronic soul pop band formed last year. After the release of their debut EP, now they've unveiled a new video for "Miles apart" from that release. The track is a soulful R&B-infused track that reminds Prince sounds. "Miles apart" is one of the first songs we ever wrote, we [...]

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New single & album for Red Hot Chili Peppers

Los Angeles-based funk rock/alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers have released a brand new single "Dark necessities", a five-minute soulful funky track that features prominent Flea bass lines and Anthony Kiedis singing about how “everything must go away.” The track is the first single from their 11th studio album "The getaway," which is [...]

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Zak Abel – Everybody needs love (new video)

British singer and songwriter Zak Abel has released the video for his debut soulful single "Everybody needs love". Filmed in one shot take and directed by IO YOUTH, the clip sees the multi-talented artist singing, dancing, and playing table tennis. “Knowing Zak gave up a pro career in table tennis for music, we felt [...]

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Prince has died

Music legend Prince has been found dead at his home in suburban Minneapolis. The cause of death remains under investigation. The 57-year-old Grammy-winning artist's death also came a week after his tour plane made an emergency landing in Illinois, where he was hospitalized with what was described as the flu. That illness followed him [...]

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Where are they now? >>> The Tams

The Tams are a Southern soul vocal group from Atlanta, Georgia, who enjoyed their greatest chart success in the 1960s, and the 1970s, and most improbably in the 1980s. Formed in 1960, the band experienced their first successful single in 1962 when "Untie me" peaked at #12 on the R&B charts. The Tams then [...]

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