Listen to Kylie Minogue unreleased song “Voodoo”

While we wait for a new album, a dance pop unreleased track called "Voodoo" from Kylie Minogue's album "Kiss me once" surfaced online. The song, produced by Christian Karlsson, otherwise known as Bloodshy of Bloodshy & Avant, was planned to be include as a bonus track on the "Kiss me once" Japanese edition. Just [...]

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Kylie Minogue unreleased song “Sugar high”

A great unreleased track "Sugar high", thought to be recorded for Kylie Minogue's 2014 "Kiss me once" album, surfaced on Internet. Written by Prince himself, the song shows Kylie's funky sweet side. Meanwhile, the popstar has been working in the studio with Guy Chambers, Richard Stannard and Karen Poole on some new music which [...]

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