Angelo Bavaro Producer releases new single “Perfect love” (listen)

Angelo Bavaro Producer has just shared a new track titled "Perfect love" and it's out now. The electro pop artist's first new music since 2018 is a synth-pop track written and recorded in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It talks about the “unconditional love”, a feeling that Angelo had the fortune to discover [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer – The Fight (People Theatre’s strength Mix)

Italian synth pop artist Angelo Bavaro Producer and People Theatre have teamed up for a new version of the single “The Fight” and it’s awesome!!! If you’re not familiar with “The Fight”, it’s the opening track of Traces , Angelo’s debut album, released last month independently. After catching our attention back in 2013 with [...]

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Introducing: Next To Neon – Fashion (audio)

Here at All Around New Music, we're all for new music and discovering new artists. This time around, we are taking a look at Next To Neon and his brand new single "Fashion". Next To Neon is a musical project of Swedish artist Rasmus Viberg. Active from ten years, the 28 year-old singer-songwriter and [...]

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Angelo Bavaro Producer releases the new song “The Fight” from debut album “Traces” – listen

Hailing from Italy, indipendent artist Angelo Bavaro Producer describes himself as "future electro pop artist came from the past". After releasing a string of hits between 2013 to 2016, the rising star has just returned with his debut album "Traces" and a brand new song titled "The Fight". The infectious track is a great [...]

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Nelly Furtado – Pipe dreams (new video)

Nelly Furtado finally gifted a music video for the single "Pipe dreams" to her loyal fan base. The track is a melancholy dreamy synth pop song produced by John Congleton. Filmed using a VHS camera, the clip finds the Canadian singer wandering around a run-down house and dancing in front of the mirrors. "Pipe [...]

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Lovestarrs – Somebody like you (new video)

Following "Get your sexy on", English synthpop duo Lovestarrs shared the video for their new electro pop single "Somebody like you". Although saccharine sweet and upbeat, the new single holds a very emotional and personal place in lead singer Sarah’s heart. As she puts it herself, "Somebody like you" is about “about falling for your [...]

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Cardiknox – Wild child (new video)

American synth-pop duo Cardiknox dropped their new single "Wild child". It's taken from the debut album "Portrait", released last March. The track is a great song that gets the foot tapping and the blood flowing. With a great tempo and melody, the song reminds so many great 80's pop songs. The chorus is catchy [...]

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GENTS – Love is tears (new video)

Niels Fejrskov Juhl and Theis Vesterløkke are GENTS, a Danish synth-pop duo. Their debut EP is called "Embrace the future" and contain the songs "Young again" and "Circles". New single is the catchy anti-love ballad "Love is tears". The video, directed by Tsvetan Nastev, see Juhl singing in a transposed VHS-style recording with Vesterløkke [...]

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