Nick Jonas – Voodoo (new video)

Nick Jonas has released a spooky new video for his song "Voodoo". The clip, shot around the French Quarter in New Orleans, shows the singer partying with his friends. However, things get trippy when various effects including cartoon illustrations intercut to show Jonas losing his grasp on reality. "Voodoo" is the third single off [...]

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Listen to Kylie Minogue unreleased song “Voodoo”

While we wait for a new album, a dance pop unreleased track called "Voodoo" from Kylie Minogue's album "Kiss me once" surfaced online. The song, produced by Christian Karlsson, otherwise known as Bloodshy of Bloodshy & Avant, was planned to be include as a bonus track on the "Kiss me once" Japanese edition. Just [...]

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