Jain heads to Thailand in “Dynabeat” music video

French pop artist Jain goes ahead with the promotion of her debut album "Zanaka" with the new single "Dynabeat". The colourful and surreal music video, directed by Gregory Ohrel Lionel Hirlé, was shot in Bangkok in Thailand. In "Dynabeat", Jain dances with the locals in front of beautiful temples, hangs with a group of [...]

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Jain – Makeba (new video)

New French pop sensation Jain has just released her second single "Makeba" from re-issue of her 2015’s LP "Zanaka". The track is about the legendary South African musician Miriam Makeba famous for her activist music against the apartheid in the country at the time. The clip, directed by Greg and Lio, is amazing and [...]

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