With a record-breaking song under his belt, Luis Fonsi is ready for another summer hit.
The track, called “She’s bingo”, is a collaboration with Pussycat Dolls superstar Nicole Scherzinger and producer MC Blitzy.
The joint effort has been organized by the free-to-play mobile game Bingo Blitz, which is played by over one million daily players.
This is Fonsi’s first time working with the 42-year-old “Poison” singer; he’s previously worked with artists such as Demi Lovato (“Echame la culpa”), Clean Bandit and Marina (“Baby”), Ozuna for “Imposible” and many others.
“She’s bingo” is a fresh and catchy song and if you’re thinking that you’ve heard the melody before, you’re probably right: it’s actually a reworked version of the classic Ottawan hit “D.I.S.C.O.”, released in 1979.
For the music video, the Puerto Rican singer and our beloved Nicole have released a clip full of visual effects. Shot in Miami, we can see the pair dancing and singing around the world.


Holly Molly, She’s my one and only
She’s my Bingo and she’s winning cause’ she’s dancing slowly
Every night got me out of control (eh)
Beating me with just one volley
Like flamenco she’s singing Ole Ole Ole…

Looking for my Bingo bambino, So my heart will stay contigo
The one that makes me go…..

BINGO (you could be…)
BINGO (you could be…)
BINGO (you could be…)

Oh Mamacita, caught me like a cheetah
Make’ my heart freeze like a frozen margarita
No, I got no drama, You’re the one I wanna
Came into my life and I’m living in Nirvana
Oh Oh, I just wanna go, tell her that I found my BI BI NGO
Oh Oh, I just wanna go, tell hеr that I found my BI BI NGO

Holly Molly, the world is moving slowly
You’re the numbеr that completes a bingo bingo bingo for me
I’m a nomad you’re my territory
I’ma let you be part of my story
You’re the one that lets me lose control le’ ole ole ole…

Looking for my Bingo chica, I got just what she “necesita”
The none that makes me go…..

BINGO (you could be…)
BINGO (you could be…)
BINGO (you could be…)

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